Airsoft Clothing Guide – What to wear to the field?

What to wear to the field? There are so many dressing options available for airsofters that could easily make you confused about what to get; the ACUs, BDUs, Boots, Cargo pants, gloves, backpacks, and what not.

That’s why I am writing this “Airsoft Clothing Guide” to help you make a wise decision.

Let’s get started…



Airsoft Clothing Guide

What not to wear?

  • Don’t wear anything red, because the rags having red color are used to signify that “I am dead” in the game. Waving around, throwing it up in the air, or putting it up on the head shows that the player has been eliminated.
  • Another thing you would want to avoid is wearing “really bright colors” as they will make you stand out in the field and you won’t be able to stay hidden and thus eliminated at the start.
  • Shorts or short-sleeve shirts: the hot weather may tempt you to wear short clothes but trust me you don’t wanna make that mistake as the BBs hurt more when get hit on the exposed skin. Also, the opponents might intentionally aim for your exposed areas of the body to hurt you.
  • Heavy clothing: Heavy clothing in airsoft plays is definitely not recommended as it might slow you down and interfere with taking good shots.
  • Boots with no socks: Boots and socks are an important part of any sport, so make sure you leave home with them.


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What to wear to the Airsoft field?

We would suggest you best practices but of course, it’s up to your choice whatever you want to wear and anything that feels comfortable to you.

Unless you are a MILSIM player where you have to wear a specific type of outfit depending on your team and role in it, there are tons of options available for normal airsofters in terms of clothing.

For casual pickup games, normal jeans and t-shirts are okay to wear beneath your protective kit…or preferably some athletic outfit for speedsoft type games.


However, if you are like me then you would definitely like to have a BDU or ACU because tactical clothing is the one that would make you look like a real soldier. You can have any of these sets in almost any camo pattern you could imagine and they are just perfect for the battlefield because of their durability and ruggedness, things you can’t find in a tee shirt.

The next step is to acquire matching BDU pants to make yourself a well-rounded good looking soldier.

Airsoft BDUs/ACUs have the following purposes:

  • To blend in with your surroundings because of its camo pattern.
  • They are flexible, breathable, and lightweight.
  • It has many pockets where you can conveniently keep mags, speed loader, batteries, etc.
  • Good quality combat also comes with integrated knee pads.


Difference between ACUs and BDUsACUs-vs-BDUs

The major difference between Army Combat Uniforms and the Battle Dress Uniforms is the modern vs old. The BDUs were the uniforms of many branches of the US army until the mid-2000s, replaced by the modern ACUs after that.

The detailing and cuts are slightly different. BDUs are available much cheaper, especially in the military surplus stores. While the ACUs are comparatively expensive, featuring venting and Velcro closures.

Both the ACUs and BDUs are durable and offer great protection against BBs, rough surfaces, sunlight, and so on.


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Essential Gear


Boots: Trainers or sneakers are fine too but tactical shoes take the edge when it comes to playing airsoft in it. It gives protection from injuries, best ankle support, and fantastic traction on different and uneven terrains.

Eye Protection: Getting high-quality protection is probably the most important thing to consider in airsoft safety. Don’t just go and buy any goggles you come across. It should be of high quality because you don’t want any injury in your eyes.

Headwear: Apart from the opponent players, the sun is also a great threat. Believe me you wouldn’t want to get hit on the sunburned area of your skin.

If you aren’t using a full face mask then a baseball cap could be a good option to keep your head and eyes protected from sunlight, while beanies would keep your head warm and protected from BBs.

Shemaghs/Balaclavas: Another great option to keep your facial skin warm and protected especially from the cold air and getting BB shots where it hurts the most; around the mouth and ears.

Tactical Gloves: Normal working gloves are satisfactory as well but to look cool and have good trigger sensitivity then you would want to buy tactical gloves. It also serves the purpose of protecting that thin layer of your skin from BB shots that stings like hell.

Fingerless gloves would give less protection but a great shooting experience.

Helmet: Airsoft helmets aren’t much secure that football or ski helmets are, it just serves the purpose of looking cool, and provides defense against BBs.

Additionally, some helmets feature rails where you can attach a camera, flashlight, or even a night vision.

Food and Water: If you are gonna be on the field for hours then you definitely should keep some snacks with you like my favorite is salty peanuts. And there is no exception on water, that is a must-have item in all weathers to keep you hydrated.

Backpack: And of course this list won’t be complete without a backpack, no matter you use a plate carrier or utility pouches, you will always need a bag to keep all your gear, food, water, extra magazines, and other items.

Other optional items include elbow and knee pads, plate carrier or ammo belt, utility pouches, bandana, walkie-talkies, etc.


Summing Up

The purpose of airsoft clothing and essential gear is not only to look cool like a real-life soldier, but its primary purpose is to keep you safe from BB hits, burns, scrapes, and bumps.

There are so many options available in airsoft clothing, everyone goes with their own choices depending on their budget, where they live, what and where they play, etc.

Ask around and research so that your money won’t be wasted on buying stuff that you don’t necessarily need.

Remember: Saying it again that traditional jeans and t-shirts are perfectly fine too.

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