Airsoft Rules 2022: Do’s and Don’ts [A Complete Guide]

Airsoft Rules change from field to field however the basic rules remain the same. In this short but well-structured post, we have covered all the basic airsoft rules 2022 that one must follow in any field.



Airsoft Rules to Know in 2022

We categorized the airsoft rules into four main categories:

1) Follow the field protocol

Every airsoft field has its own rules, read and learn them. A referee may brief you about them if you don’t understand any point, ask him/her.

You should be ready for playing again once you are eliminated or the game’s over.

Listen and obey all the referees, violations can get you suspended or permanently banned from that airsoft field.

Once you are done with playing and in the safe zone/ dead zone, make sure to clear off your weapon from BBs and remove the magazine.

Before starting the game, you may test fire your weapon in the field maintaining at least 10 ft. distance from other players and shooting in a safe direction.


2) Basic Airsoft Rules

Safety’s First: Real knives and real firearms aren’t allowed. Use of drugs or alcohol or a person under its influence isn’t allowed on the premises of the field.

All persons in the battleground (organizers, referees, and players) are required to wear full-face protection as well as eyes protection gear. That can be a paintball full face mask or an airsoft mask with goggles.

Elbow/knee pads are optional. Wearing loose-fitting clothing, full shoes, and closed shoes are recommended.

Don’t use metal BBs, Use biodegradable BBs having weight of 0.2 to 0.31 gm for ARs and up to 0.41 gm for sniper rifles.

What FPS is allowed in airsoft? The maximum FPS allowed is 400 for normal guns while it’s 500 for bolt action airsoft snipers, guns having higher FPS must be de-tuned to meet this requirement before starting using it in the battlefield.

Full auto and burst modes aren’t allowed in Close Quarter Battle games.

Check your field’s specific requirements for more detail.

DON’T SHOOT at the opponents not wearing face masks but warn them instead and report it to the organizers.

Remember that if you are caught not following any of these rules, you are subjected to penalties.


3) Elimination

A direct hit to the players’ body, clothing, headgear, or any equipment attached to his her body means a “Kill” and that player would be eliminated from the game. Hitting the players’ gun is an exception, it doesn’t count as a “Kill”.

When a BB hits on another object and “ricochets” the player, it doesn’t count as a direct hit though it is sometimes hard to identify and impose.

“Friendly fire” usually does not exist in airsoft games however, it depends on the game-specific rules made by the organizers.

The player who gets hit needs to confirm his elimination by shouting out loud “HIT” or “DEAD” and hold his weapon above his head while going to the dead zone or respawn.

Not calling the hits or faking elimination to get kills, are considered cheating and you would be removed from the game.

Holding an opponent, his clothes, his gun, or any other equipment is not allowed however, light taps on any part of the enemy’s body, gun, or equipment would be considered as “Knife Kill”. Excessive shooting of an opponent player and intentional shooting of a referee is strictly prohibited.

Avoid point-blank shooting as it may cause more pain. When you encounter an enemy within 10 feet range, pointing your weapon and saying BANG would eliminate him, he/she can’t shoot back at you. If you must shoot, then aim for his/her vest to minimize the unnecessary pain.

Knife kill should be done using a rubber knife or training knife or just by putting your hand on the enemy. And the dead player should silently remove itself from the field he/she doesn’t need to “shout hit”.

If you are dead, you are dead. This means you can’t share information, give clues or instruct your team players.

No time out call will be entertained once the game is started except in extreme emergency cases. If it’s an extreme emergency case, then everyone shall start yelling “emergency” and give direction to the referee.

If you cannot continue for some reason then immediately eliminate yourself from the battlefield by holding your gun above your head and walking towards the safe area.

Right or wrong, the referee’s decision is final. It’s for the safety and good conduct of the game. Official referees will be wearing Yellow or Orange marking or same color reflective vests.

Respect and obey the rules, be fair in the game, respect the referees, officials, and the players, avoid using foul language.


4) Engagement Rules

Watch out for the boundaries because if you are found outside the playground area or safety parameters you may be eliminated from the game or even dismissed from the facility.

You should only use the onsite buildings and covers, climbing through trees or other structures is forbidden for the sake of your safety.

Inside a bunker or building, use only semi-auto firing as well as the BANG rule to avoid much bodily harm.

Only the active/alive players in the game are allowed to communicate through electronic or radio communications equipment.

Make sure that the laser would not be pointed at the opponent’s face [Eyes Safety], no issue with the rest of the body. Avoiding this rule comes under the same category as cheating.


What is a Safe Zone?

It is a place where the killed players retreat to, and those who aren’t playing. There they can relax, have a break, drink or eat, reload and remove their facemasks, etc.


Dead Zone Rules

  • Remove the mag and BBs off your weapon before entering the dead zone.
  • Avoid pointing your weapon at others.
  • Reach the playground by the time limit otherwise you will have to wait for the next round/match.
  • Take care of your stuff and keep the area organized.
  • Don’t throw BBs either do running or horseplay.
  • Ensure wearing the face mask before entering the field.


General Airsoft Rules

  • For your own safety, wear a mask all the time in the field.
  • Be fair, call your hits. Cheating won’t get you anywhere.
  • Don’t blind fire without spotting any opponent.
  • Don’t make any changes to the obstacles you see in the field.
  • Don’t argue with cheaters, inform the referee.
  • Don’t use any foul language, be respectful.
  • Point lasers only below the neck.
  • Wear only close-toed shoes.
  • When you are hit, shout it out loud. Put your arms up, the dead rag ON, and walk to the respawn area.
  • Before entering the dead zone, clear out all the BBs off your weapon, remove mag, safety ON, and put on the barrel sock.
  • Don’t argue with the referees, their decision is final.


Wrapping it up:

There you have it, a complete but short guide on airsoft rules 2022. Now you have a good idea to prepare yourself both physically and mentally before jumping into the battleground. But you should also have a look at your field’s specific guidelines as they vary from field to field and from one gameplay type to another.


Good Luck and Happy Playing! 🙂

A Navy Seal veteran who has served multiple international tours to Somalia, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. He is also an airsoft enthusiast who enjoys playing, sharing his knowledge and expertise of the vast airsoft realm.

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