Best Airsoft Helmet Setup 2022 – Top 3 Reviews and Buyer Guide

Airsoft helmet is not compulsory to wear in the field, but it provides so many perks upon putting it on. It keeps your head safe from bb hits, accidental elbow to your head from friendly players, banging your head around the corner, trees, staircase, etc.

That’s not it, wearing a tactical helmet replica makes you look cool, a well-rounded player who’s ready to dominate the field just like a Navy Seal would 😉


In this article, you will get to know everything about airsoft helmet setup, and then our best airsoft helmet recommendations at the end.



Why should you wear a helmet?

While playing airsoft games, there’s a good chance that you will bump your head here and there. You might also need to attach some cool gadgets to it like a camera, flashlight, night vision, etc.

Furthermore, you also need to protect your head from bb hits because it’s just a thin layer of skin having blood vessels underneath.

There’s a good chance that your head is going to bleed for days if it takes a strong hit, even a low-powered gunshot could leave a welt.

That’s why you need a helmet to take care of all those problems.


My advice? Keep it simple

Keep your loadout simple because no matter how expensive your gadgetry is, If it takes a fall whenever you bang your head, you are gonna end up breaking it.

Nowadays it’s part of the airsoft fashion show to have expensive gears attached to your helmet but trust me you don’t need that at all unless you have loads of money.


The point to ponder on is that airsoft helmets are not the standardized helmets like those of bicycles or the military. They are just plastic replicas of military-style helmets just like the airsoft guns. Military helmets are made of Kevlar, steel, or high-quality polymer which are designed to protect against real bullets and costs around $1000.


Features of Airsoft helmets

Usually three types of attachment points can be seen on airsoft helmets; side rails, Velcro, and night vision.

Helmet Side rails are the attachment points installed on the sides of a helmet which is so useful if you want to attach any extra items to your helmet for example; camera, flashlight, laser, etc. Though the main purpose of side rails on ballistic helmets is to mount ear protection.

Velcro is pretty obvious for those who have previously used the hook-and-loop thing. There are usually multiple Velcro areas present on modern helmets where you can attach your team/country flag, camera, LED strobe which shows you are in the same team as the players behind you.

And lastly, If you play airsoft during the night or late evening then how can you look cool without night vision? Night vision is connected to the shroud which is mounted on your helmet. Shroud is solely designed for attaching night vision goggles to the helmets.

Real NVGs are very expensive that’s why we recommend doing good research before making your purchase.


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Different types of helmets used in Airsoft?

There are two basic types of helmets out there; ballistic and bump helmets.

Ballistic helmets are designed to save your head from real firearm bullets following the safety standards while the bump helmets are meant to prevent head injuries that could cause in the result of banging your head as well as the bb hits.

Bump helmets are much lightweight and have better ventilation compared to the ballistic helmets and it uses foam instead of heavy Kevlar layer as we don’t need bulletproof helmets for airsoft.

Let’s talk more about the airsoft helmets!

Well, there’s not much of a difference within airsoft helmets, almost all of them have a hard layer of ABS plastic with soft foam and its padding inside. While they won’t be any effective in BASE jumping but are strong enough to keep your forehead safe from a customized 500+ FPS sniper rifle shot.

Most of the airsoft helmets these days are of modern design. The oldest replica you might probably see is the Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) design, which replaced the heavy PASGT helmet design in the 2000s.

The new models Ops-Core FAST and Team Wendy bump helmets are the number one choice of most of the airsofters.

Different types of helmets used in Airsoft

Though some small brands like G-Force etc. import their own products as well but the vast amount of airsoft helmets are being imported in the United States by Lancer Tactical.


Accessories for Airsoft Helmets

Weight Balance Pouch: When you attach gadgets to your helmet’s front, it may become unbalance and could try to fall on your face. To counter this, you can place a counterweight pouch at the back of your helmet and then include or exclude small weights to make your helmet perfectly stable.

Straps: Retention Straps are small versatile cords having hooks at the end and are used to hold items on the helmet.

Wilcox Retention Straps: A short cable with a clip on its end which is used to secure fragile items like your helmet camera from falling and hitting the ground. It also prevents helmet gear from getting lost.

Foam Pads: You should think of inserting foam pads if your helmet doesn’t fit well over your head or you want to improve the sweat absorption or want to make it more comfortable.

If your helmet doesn’t come with foam inserts then look for universal ones. You can either go with the same brand inserts for your helmet or buy anything good and cut it to your required size.

Fan: In some areas where the climate is hot, you may want to add a fan to your helmet to help you stay cool and relaxed. It should not be noisy, smaller in size, and shoot air through an output hose under the helmet.

Helmet fans give you an edge over those without having one because it helps you stay calm and comfortable.

Ragnar: A netting used to camouflage your helmet.

Cover: A cheap cloth cover that perfectly fits your helmet, comes in a variety of colors and patterns. They are used to change the color of your helmet whether you want a forest green or snow-white color. That totally depends on you and your field surrounding.

Reading Light: If you think you can face a situation of being in a dark place but you need to read a map or instructions then having a reading light mounted on your helmet will be much helpful, the recommended lights are red and black ones.


Best Airsoft Helmets 2022

Here’s the list of top 3 airsoft helmets that we consider are the best:

1) Lancer Tactical L/XL Industrial ABS Plastic Constructed Maritime Helmet


This bad guy is made of super hard industrial ABS plastic that could withstand a lot of harshnesses even outside the airsoft field. You can also use it for bike riding or in paintball matches.

It comes in two colors; Black and Foliage Green and with all the necessary features of a modern tactical helmet i.e. adjustment for head size, various Velcro straps, and bungee cables to keep your helmet gears safe.


  • Dimension: 14 x 13 x 6 inches (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs
  • The outer material used is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.
  • Head size is adjustable
  • Comes with NVG Shroud, Goggle straps, and Side rails.
  • Velcro Panels
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Reliable chain strap
  • Movable Padding
  • Awesome design
  • The XL size seems smaller


2) LOOGU Fast BJ Base Jump Military Helmet


Another good quality plastic made, BJ type tactical helmet which is budget-friendly, has all the required features we need; side rails to install whatever attachments you like, adjustable knob to perfectly place on your head. Not only for airsoft, but it will also work like charm in Base jumping or paintball.


  • Fits on the head circumference of 22.4 – 23.5 inches.
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Occ-dial adjustable band
  • Adjustable pads for better ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable knobs for different head sizes
  • Military type gear
  • Many compatibilities
  • Plastic made
  • Doesn’t provide top-notch protection for other things than airsoft bbs


3) Jadedragon MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet


This helmet is a bit pricy but hey it comes with a night vision so I guess it’s a good deal, isn’t it?

It’s lightweight, high-quality construction, feels thin…so it’s overall a good helmet to have in the airsoft field.

The package includes the helmet itself, a foldable mask, and one tactical goggle.

It comes in three colors: Black, Green, and Tan.


  • Fits on the head circumference of 21.2 – 23 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs
  • Comes with a built-in night vision
  • Adjustable half mesh mask making it portable
  • The side rails it comes with, are compatible with other equipment like NVG shroud, flashlight etc.
  • Built-in bungee cords make your attachments secure
  • Embedded night vision
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Well ventilated
  • Provides well covering for your head, ear, and neck
  • Soft and easily removable padding
  • Side straps are somewhat uncomfortable
  • The built-in goggles aren’t airsoft certified


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Final Thoughts

Just like the replica guns in airsoft and because it’s a sport, airsoft helmets are also not real helmets with protection ratings like other sports helmets. Though it serves well against bb hits and attachments but they are merely for aesthetic purpose.

Keep your airsoft helmet setup simple and separated so you can easily swap if anything you don’t like in facemask, goggles, or the helmet itself. If you buy all in one then you are stuck with it.

Did we miss anything on the best airsoft helmet setup? Let us know in the comments

Stay healthy and stay safe 🙂

A Navy Seal veteran who has served multiple international tours to Somalia, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. He is also an airsoft enthusiast who enjoys playing, sharing his knowledge and expertise of the vast airsoft realm.

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